1. Why are the prices for € and other currencies so odd?

Our basic prices are calculated in USD, which creates uneven figures in € and other currencies due to the exchange rates. We sell our products mainly in USD and other currencies can be accessed via Shopify payment, credit & debit card payment.

2. Is your merchandise and operation environmentally friendly?

Yes, we made sure that our suppliers provide organic and fair products, either in the EU or under controlled conditions in various Asian countries. For our packaging we use compostable paperboxes as well as polybags made of recycled material.

3. How long does it take to deliver to my house?

We made sure that we have storage facilities in Germany and the US. For Germany, the EU and USA you can expect your delivery to arrive in 5-7 days. For other countries the typical delivery time is 21-28 days. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to guarantee the delivery time.

4. Where do you deliver to?

From our US facilities we deliver to all over the United States territory.
From our German facilities we deliver to all of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania and the rest of North and South America.
Due to international Covid-19 regulations there might be some temporary exemptions in delivery.
Please check individual fees at checkout and inform yourself of the current status for your area.

5. Can I return goods?

Yes, most of our goods can be returned if they have been delivered damaged or don’t fit in size. It is important that you send the merchandise back INCLUDING the hangtag showing the barcode. Returned goods are to be sent to our storage in either Germany or USA, depending on your location. Face masks are hygienic articles and are thus to be excluded from returns and refunding.

6. How can I return any goods?

To return your purchased item please note first our refund policy. You will send an inquiry to info@uniquevibes.shop, including the order number, a picture of the item as well as the defect and explain the problem in a short message. On evaluating your inquiry, we will contact you via email and send you the documents for return and further information. In general the customer is responsible for paying for all shipments.

In the case of a clearly damaged good, we will refrain from taking the item back  but rather will send a free replacement of the purchased item to you or refund your purchase.

If the return of the purchased item is granted, please make sure that the original packaging and hangtags/barcodes are included in the return and that all eligible items have to be returned back to our logistics center in either Europe:

Logsta Germany GmbH
c/o Unique Vibes Shop
Elbestraße 2 
84453 Mühldorf am Inn

or in the USA:

Logsta LLC
c/o Unique Vibes Shop
Unit 103 / Building 1
1301 Pontiac Court
Export, PA 15632

7. What is so special about organic cotton?

See our section Advantages of Organic Cotton.

8. How can I care for UV fabrics? 

You can wash our t-shirts and hoodies at max. 30 °C/86 °F and our face masks at max. 60 °C/140 °F. It is recommended to turn the inside out when washing. To best protect the prints, face masks should be washed by hand or put into a laundry bag. When ironing make sure not to iron the print.
Caps should be brushed gently and by no means put into the washing machine.

9. Which ways for payment are acceptable?

We support all kinds of payment services.
You can use: Shopify payment, PayPal, Credit & Debit card.
Minor deviations could occur at transactions with PayPal.

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